paste your world!


What makes us better!

Ease of Access

you can access beepaste from almost everywhere! paste server logs just from your terminal, paste codes from our website or use our api to create your own method!


while you can paste texts like usual, we will provide you options for encryption to choose from! currently PGP and XOR-Password methods are supported!


It is open-source! so you can run your own instance if you don't trust us. Moreover, if you want to add some features, you can do so and create a pull-request or just redistribute it!

Powerful Editor

We've integrated ACE editor in our service, therefore you can use its features such as hotkeys and syntax highlighting! Syntax highlighting is available for almost common and popular syntaxes!


BeePaste is a simple pastebin which is written using python, and sanic framework. It's very first usage was just to share our code snippets with friends, but while we grew up, we saw new worlds, such as Sys admins, Bloggers and Teachers, whomever has some text to share with others! They also needed somewhere to share their pastes like server logs, blog posts and homework while they are chatting with others. So BeePaste is getting bigger and more useful by time, from a simple pastebin, it is becoming an advanced text sharing platform!


developing heroes

Mohammad Amin Vahedinia

Started Programming with C/C++, continued with both C++ and Python, and also Started the project!

Alireza Mosajjal

DevOps engineer, Python enthusiast, Chromium contributor, Linux guy. Human, I guess.. ?

Mostafa Asadi

A developer who loves Free software , I try to make world better.

Sadegh Alirezai

Python Developer,Jr Software Engineer,Open-Source Lover